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Alternative investments are classed as any investment that is not usually available through the High St Banks or investment houses. These investments are classed as unregulated investments and can be investments into any area from property through to farmland and loan notes through to commodities such as wheat & oil.

The Financial Conduct Authority class alternative investments as either, commercial loans or commercial property purchases and so fall under the class of unregulated products.

All the products offered by FPML Alternatives have been thoroughly checked by the Directors of FPML Alternatives in addition to having full due diligence reports prepared by independent professional bodies along with proven track records and the ability for any prospective investor having full access to see personally the projects on offer and have all products independently assessed should they so wish.

The major point for your peace of mind is that all products are backed by either a trustee holding a first legal charge or by way direct ownership or fractional ownership against individual properties.

It’s quite simple really up to the crash the banks and mainstream providers borrowed money from the public and paid them very little and then lent the money to businesses and projects at vastly increased rates and charged fees in addition to transact such business that the whole idea behind the banking industry.

When the crisis hit the demand for loans didn’t go away the banks just stopped lending.

Businesses were left with a dilemma and that was to go out of business or source funds from alternative sources.

It very quickly became apparent to many businesses that they did not need the banks to source funds as they could go direct to the public which gave businesses far greater flexibility, reduced costs and allowed those cost savings to go to the investor instead of the banks.

No. At no time are these investments share holdings in the product providers; however you will hold a legal charge on all or part of the property that you have invested in as security for your investment.

With shares you own a part of the company but in the event of the company getting into trouble you are at the bottom of the pile in getting paid out. As a share holder your return has no guarantees or fixed returns.

The products offered by FPML Alternatives have legal charges or direct ownership on property so that means that should a company get into trouble the property that you have a charge on, or own, cannot be sold without you getting your money back before any liquidator. All the products available through FPML Alternatives Ltd will give you a either fixed income or the income will be derived from rental income.

The products offered by FPML Alternatives Ltd come with either a guaranteed return (L & J Manchester Ltd) or a fixed income (Dolphin & PCS) or rental income (Storefirst & Ramada Akbuk) the products are backed by legal charges against property to support the investment.

Yes when alternative investments first started to emerge there have been some notable crashes in exactly the same way as some people have lost money in the mainstream bond markets and share markets. Just think of the major High St Names that have disappeared since 2007 and that is why the Directors of FPML Alternatives have done extensive research on the products that we offer so the investors money is secured by direct ownership or first legal charge.

No definitely not. Alternative investments are a fantastic way of ensuring that you get the maximum returns on money but only as part of a balanced investment portfolio. FPML Alternatives has a standard company policy that will not allow any potential investor to put more than 50% of any suitable available investment funds into alternative investments even where clients have the highest risk profile.

Yes. We have our own money and that of family members invested in the full range of alternative products offered through FPML Alternatives Ltd. That’s the level of confidence we have in the products that we offer.

All of these products are designed to be kept for the term of the investment period however some flexibility does exist either by agreement or sale of your asset back to the product provider or on the open market. As with all investments it is always preferable for you to have emergency funds available rather than encashment of an investment.

No the only way that you can extend your investment period is to reinvest the funds that will have been returned to you at the end of the term.

Alternative investments are very similar to peer to peer lending but unlike the p 2 p sectors which lends in the unsecured loan market the alternative investments offered by FPML Alternatives Ltd have legal charges or direct ownership in place to bring added security to the investor.

There is none

FPML Alternatives have worked in this sector since 2009 and all of their clients received the returns that the product providers have promised to date.

We have numerous clients who have had their investment returns and have made 2nd and 3rd repeat investments.

The banks and mainstream investment houses would have you believe that theirs is the only way as their profit margins depend on maintaining that belief.

FPML Alternatives have shown that there are investment alternatives and to date every investor has received every penny they are entitled to.

Yes. Cash investment is very straight forward. Pension funds can be invested in alternative products as long as your pension is in a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) product and your SIPP provider allows alternative investments to be held within their scheme. Should your SIPP provider not allow alternative investments within their schemes our independent financial advisors can advise you on your options.

Alternative investment returns are no different than any other mainstream investment and all returns are taxable in the normal way as any interest / profit received. Your advisor will advise you best.

The only exception is pension funds which under current HMRC guidelines any returns held within a pension are free of tax.

Yes you can. FPML Alternatives will introduce you to an Independent Financial advisor who will be able to assess and advise on your options.

Our company policy is that we would only allow a maximum of 50% of the pension fund to be invested into Alternative Investments.

All you need to do is contact FPML Alternatives on 0161 278 1819 or via our contact page and we will send one of our representatives to you who will go through each of the investments that you have shown an interest in and provide all the literature that will assist you in making an informed choice. The appointments can be arranged at a time and day to suit your needs and the appointments can be held in the comfort of your own home, your work place or at our offices in Swinton Manchester. Our representatives will help you complete all necessary paper work and will oversee that your money is invested quickly and efficiently to ensure that your investment returns start rolling in as soon as possible.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0161 278 1819 or visit our contact page for other ways to get in touch with us.

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