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I have been investing in alternatives using FPML Alternatives Ltd for several years now. I have found that the service that they offer is very good and the quality of the investments that they offer in my experience has been very high.The investments that I have made to date have been with L & J Properties and Dolphin both investments have proven to deliver the returns that have been promised in the time scales that were laid out, in the case of my L & J Properties investments I have now reinvested 3 times and have always received my money exactly as per the agreement. Mrs Bentley Manchester

Why Alternative Investments

As with most things in life if accessibility to something is blocked then a new way of getting what is need has to be found.

The investment / loan market is no different.

When the banks and investment providers stop lending and reduced the returns that were on offer it was inevitable that a new way of meeting the demand for businesses to borrow money and investors to maximise returns on their money.

The whole idea behind the alternative investment market is to marry together business that is looking for funding for projects with the investor who is looking for maximum return on their money.

The solution has always been there but it has taken the credit crisis to highlight the new way forward. Cut out the banks and normal investment houses as middlemen and the principles (borrowers / lenders) go direct to each other.

Alternative investments are a valuable high yield return for any investor but only as part of a balanced portfolio and should never be used as the sole producer of income or capital growth.

Hand Picked Investments

FPML Alternatives Ltd. take pride in giving you access to some of the best Alternative Investment opportunities in the sector. Great care has been taken in hand picking our product providers. All of the products in our portfolio have undergone due diligence.

Our global portfolio contains a selection of complimentary investments, including products that will appeal to the ethical investor.

Diversify and take control of your investment portfolio.

In uncertain times it makes sense to diversify your investment portfolio to include products that do not typically follow the performance of traditional financial markets.

To find out more about the investment products in the FPML Alternatives Ltd. portfolio ring 0161 278 1819

Investment NameTermsMin InvestmentRate of ReturnGuarantee Period
Dolphin Capital2-5 years£10000Contact for further informationFixed return over 2-5yrsDolphin Trust Basics
Forex0£2000variablenoneA Guide To Forex
Asset Life3yrs£20008.75%Full term of investmentAsset Life B
Ltd Company loans1 year upwards£50009-18%Term of Loan

I have been looking at the alternative investment market for a number of years and have not always trusted some of the products that seem to be offered.I chose to make our alternative investments through FPML Alternatives Ltd as the due diligence that they showed me as backup for the products offered was to the highest quality that I have seen.The returns that are offered to the investor are high compared to the high street banks but the more I have looked into this market the more I have come to realise that for too long the Banks have been getting returns as high and even far higher for years but have kept the money for profit instead of passing it on to their savers.I have invested both cash & pension monies through FPML Alternatives Ltd and I have to date been paid in full and on time as per the terms & conditions of the investments. Mr Lad Bolton