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Together the Directors of FPML Alternatives Ltd have a total of over 48 yrs experience in the financial services sector.

Ron & Craig also have a substantial property business that they set up in 2003 that owns in excess of 55 properties both residential and commercial.

Ron has been dealing with the needs of his clients for almost 30 years, and in many cases his clients see him as a friend and somebody they can trust.

He now offers his clients the range of Alternative Investments available through him, as an addition to their current savings, pension and investment portfolio. As these products can help clients achieve a higher return than is currently available.

Ron remains to this day dedicated to giving the best customer service to his clients above all else whilst offering the best products available to his client’s from this marketplace.

With over 20 years of working in the Financial Services sector Craig is well aware of the importance of excellent customer service and how much trust his clients place in him.

Craig believes passionately that his clients deserve better returns on their money, and to this end he has set up FPML Alternatives Ltd to offer products to his clients to help them achieve this goal.

Ensuring that the business continues to offer its clients the very best products along with the highest standards of customer service is and always shall be at the heart of our business