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10 Jun 2014

Is the biggest hurdle that we come across every day.

We have been conditioned by the banks, lenders and investment houses for so long that the investment returns that they give are the best that can be offered without you being at risk of losing all your money.

The reality is that the banks, lenders and investment houses cannot survive without your money and all the profit that they make is derived from them charging someone far more for using your money than they are paying you.

Now the whole economic world is built up on these principles but what is happening in the alternative investment market is a readjustment on how the cake, so to speak, is divided up.

In simple terms the old way was you lent to the bank, the bank lent to others or invested direct into companies. The cake was split 3 ways.

It’s not rocket science to be able to see that if you cut out the middleman that then leaves a bigger share for the two that are left. This is the foundation that alternative investments are built on.

Let’s look at some things that we now take for granted in everyday life that show how this concept works and how this evolution has given savings to business that has now benefited you the consumer.

On line shopping direct from manufacturer cuts out Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers.

Booking hotels direct cuts out Travel Agents and Package Tour Companies

Booking flights direct cuts out Travel Agents and Package Tour Companies

Amazon cuts out the need for high street premises, stock on display and retail staff

Hole in the wall cash machines cuts down the need for bank branches, staff and size of premises.

Emails cuts down on the cost of postage & phone calls.

Given the above it was always only a matter of time before evolution found a way of altering the way we look at savings and investments.

Are alternative investments for you? All we ask is that you at least consider alternative investments as part of a balanced portfolio and “You choose”

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