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02 Jul 2014

Were the words of Martin Luther King in August 1963 arguably one of the most famous opening lines of any speech.

Many people have a dream as well.

They dream of a sound financial future for them and their families, that’s why each year many look to putting cash into their ISA accounts so they can maximise the return on their money.

According to UK Government statistics just over £42 Billion of cash was deposited into ISA accounts by 11.5 million UK savers in the tax year 2012/13.

According to money supermarket the best 1 year fixed rate ISA return is Virgin Money at 1.76%.

The best 1 year fixed rate return available through FPML Alternatives is 12%.

So if you have a dream for your savings in the future which will you choose 1.76% or 12%.

Oh and just for the record my dream is to get 11.5 million savers to just consider making alternative investments part of their savings portfolio.

“I Have a Dream” but “You Choose”.

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