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18 Sep 2014

FPML Alternatives in association with Asset Life have launched their new 3 year Fixed Interest Product (FIP).

The product has a minimum low entry level of £2000 but pays a whopping 9.25% per year return on investment.

Craig Lamb for FPML Alternatives said “This new product brings to the market a high yield 3 yr product for the established alternative investor to enhance and diversify their current investment portfolio and at the same time offers the prospective alternative investor an opportunity to dip their toe into alternative investing without having to commit large amounts of cash that most alternative investments demand”.

As with all alternative investments the Asset Life FIP is a non regulated product and is therefore not covered by the financial services compensation scheme, however, the Asset Life FIP carries a unique insurance on both capital and interest payments to offer the best client protection it can.

Is the Asset Life FIP for you?

Contact FPML Alternatives and request the investor information pack to be sent to you by post or email and then “You Choose”.

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