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News Entries Dated June 2014

"To Be or Not To Be" ISA is the question 2

24 Jun 2014

On July the 1st 2014 the ISA limits change to allow up to £15, 000 in cash or stocks & shares. We thought it would be an idea to show what the difference would be between 2 hypothetical investors...

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"It sounds too good to be true"

10 Jun 2014

Is the biggest hurdle that we come across every day. We have been conditioned by the banks, lenders and investment houses for so long that the investment returns that they give are the best that can..

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Government still on track for allowing peer to peer ISA

09 Jun 2014

The banks are bracing themselves for losing millions of pounds of ISA savings as the Government are still on track for allowing peer to peer lending returns as part of your ISA allowance. We at of..

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