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Alternative investing, in my opinion, is the only way the ordinary person on the street is going to attain the returns that are far higher than the Banks are ever going to offer.If invested sensibly as part of a balanced portfolio then the risks of investing in products not covered by the investor compensation scheme are minimised.I have invested both in products based in Europe as well as the UK through FPML Alternatives Ltd and I can confirm that I have received all payments due to me.A pension that I had for years that was actually losing money is now growing strongly by switching some of the fund into alternative products. Mr Healey Cheshire

FPML Alternatives Ltd was set up in 2013 by Ron Jehu & Craig Lamb to cope with the increasing consumer demand for alternative investments. Our company spent a lot of time researching and validating the investments that they felt that they could confidently offer to their clients.

Our company believe we have sourced some of the best alternative investment products on the market and they are happy to endorse the products having carried out our own due diligence on the products that we have sourced and even invested their own families’ money.

Our company will introduce these products to our clients and they will make a choice from as to where they feel most comfortable investing their money.

It is our role to provide all the necessary information for our clients to make an informed choice.

Our company believe that by keeping the investment products on offer restricted to a small number and all securely backed by direct ownership or legal charges on property then as part of a balanced investment portfolio these alternative investments could offer the high returns that our clients are looking for.

As alternative investments fall within the unregulated side of the financial industry they will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is why these investments should only be considered as part of your investment portfolio, as you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket would you?

Whilst the products are classed as unregulated, this does not mean that they are no good; in fact they could be deemed low risk once an investor understands the element of risks involved with these types of products.

The products are designed to give an Investor higher returns than they could achieve through the traditional investments offered by banks and building societies. As this sector will not be able to offer the high returns that an Investor needs for the foreseeable future.